Why Call Center Software Is So Beneficial to Brands

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As a business, you have no more important resource than your customers, and providing exceptional customer service is one of the best ways to encourage customer loyalty and stay ahead of your competitors. Even if you can’t offer the best prices, keeping your customer support ahead of other businesses in your niche can be the deciding factor in your favor. Best of all, you can even get some positive word-of-mouth advertising out of it, and who doesn’t love good publicity?

One place where you should definitely invest in better quality management and customer service is in your contact center. Traditionally, call centers are seen as offices filled with cramped cubicles and exasperated agents taking phone calls from irate customers. While centers that rely on legacy systems may still run like this, the old call center stereotype has no place in the modern world.

These days, contact centers are able to support communications on digital channels, and support agents could be working anywhere, thanks to modern software’s ability to support remote agents. This is a great development, considering the rise in popularity of remote work brought on by COVID-19. Here are just some of the most important ways that modern call center software is important for any brand.

It provides the ultimate in customer convenience.


Innovative companies will always look for ways to ensure the best possible customer experience, and Bright Pattern is a company that takes this mission seriously. These days, quality assurance is about more than getting phone calls to quick resolutions. To have a truly positive call outcome, it’s important to create a memorable customer journey in addition to answering their questions.

With the only true omnichannel cloud platform on the market, Bright Pattern supports customer calls with better channel integrations than anyone around. Of course, “calls” are almost a figure of speech for the modern contact center. Voice calls are still made, of course, but it’s becoming more common for customers to make contact via their preferred digital methods, such as text, SMS, webchat, email, a company mobile app, etc. The ability to contact agents using a variety of methods is called multichannel capability, but true omnichannel goes beyond that.

With true omnichannel technology, customers can switch between communication channels, if needed, all while staying in contact with the same agent. This makes for a unique and personalized customer journey and saves time for everyone involved.

It empowers your employees.


Call centers are notorious for having high rates of turnover, and one of the biggest culprits that employees list is the inability to work with the best technology. When you’re running a powerful cloud contact center with omnichannel capabilities, technology complaints become much less frequent.

It’s even better if you empower agents to keep track of all conversations across all channels using a unified agent desktop with a single sign-in. This helps agents enter a conversation with the full context of what’s already been covered, so customers don’t have to repeat information, which greatly reduces frustrations.

Having everything recorded to a single dashboard also helps call center managers with their supervisory duties and lets them easily create additional training options for agents who are struggling.

It helps you improve customer service in other ways.


Great call center technology is part of an overall customer relationship management system, which lets your business connect with customers on a deeper level. You can easily collect and analyze customer data to determine who your best customers are and make special offers to them.

You can even use a combination of historical data and current customer data for predictive analytics to help you anticipate future market trends and prepare for changing customer demands.

The role of the contact center is expanding for modern businesses, and having the best technology available can put you at a significant advantage.