What Is Income Protection Insurance?

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When approaching insurance policy options and the premiums that come along with each plan, homeowners and others might wonder about the benefits involved in income protection. This is a natural curiosity, considering that many people may not have heard of income protection insurance before.

While we all know about protecting our cars and homes with an insurance policy, the peace of mind afforded with disability insurance or income protection is something new to many, but a coverage option that everyone should be familiar with.

Income protection is a vein of life insurance coverage.


While many people might ask: “What is income protection insurance?” the answer is actually a familiar one. Income protection fits within the grander life insurance core of financial planning products. Essentially, this is a coverage option for those who want to secure their family’s future against an accident or illness that prevents them from working and earning a stable, monthly paycheck.

This is one of many insurance options, and it offers a unique measure of financial security in an unexpected period of disability or sickness that might otherwise ruin you and your family financially. As a life insurance option, it works in tandem with the death benefit that you pay premiums to maintain. Life insurance is a key feature in financial planning circles.

Families take out these policies in order to ensure that the loss of a parent won’t spell fiscal doom for those left behind to pick up the pieces. A sudden tragedy at home is already tough enough on spouses, siblings, and children, but adding in the financial strain that comes with an equally sudden loss of half or more of your home’s income can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

A life insurance policy covers you in the event of death so that your loved ones will be taken care of. Income protection offers the same level of coverage during circumstances of sickness, injury, or accident. This is a particularly important consideration during the current public health climate.

With the threat of long Covid hanging over the heads of everyone who commutes to an office, many of us will end up facing a long downturn in productivity, general health, and focus-related issues that can place our income in jeopardy.

No one expects to lose their ability to work.


The truth is that no one expects to need their insurance coverage. This is true across all iterations of the insurance industry. People don’t drive with the intention of wreaking their car; homeowners don’t purchase real estate that they hope will one day be burglarized or catch on fire as a result of continuing drought conditions and seasonal forest incineration in their area.

The same goes for workers who must continue to earn a paycheck to support the hopes, dreams, and necessities of their families. Insurance options that allow for the continued financial stability of your household are a key facet in the ongoing success and peace of mind that you and your family enjoy every day.

Insurance products that can replace your monthly salary are a key resource during this unprecedented time of financial instability and personal health risks. The coronavirus pandemic will eventually subside, but the risk of accident, injury, or illness will always loom large for those who know the dangers that a sudden paycheck elimination can pose for a growing family.

Think about IPP coverage for you and your family in order to eliminate the financial stress of a critical illness or unexpected accident that can cripple your fiscal health. This coverage option is crucial, and more and more Australians are tacking on IPP today than ever, join them with this smart financial planning decision.