The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Road Trip

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The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip for the near future? Whether or not you have planned road trips before, you might be wondering if you have everything covered before you take off on your adventure. Some road trippers are comfortable with getting in the car and letting the road take them to their next destination, but some of us enjoy making a list and checking it twice before taking off on the freeway to the next great place in the United States.

We’re going to go over some of the major things you should think about while planning your next summer road trip. Everyone’s road trip plans look different, so keep an open mind and remember the planning part is less important than the fun you’ll have along the way.

Less is more while making plans.


You don’t want to overdo it when it comes to making plans for your road trip. Not only will some of these plans inevitably fall through, but you might underestimate how long it’s going to take to travel to each destination, visit, and sightsee. Give yourself enough time to enjoy each destination with a little wiggle room in case unexpected things pop up along the way.

Tune up your vehicle before departure.

One of the last things anyone wants during a road trip is their vehicle breaking down during their road trip. Whether you are planning on taking a car, a minibus, or an RV to a premier RV park, you want to make sure the vehicle is ready for a long journey. Have the oil checked, all your fluids topped off, and make sure you’re taking a vehicle that isn’t on its last leg.

For example, it wouldn’t be wise to expect a vehicle with more than 200,000 engine miles on it to make it across the country. You want to make sure to take care of your car so it can provide you with the means necessary to make the trip possible.

Pack clothes for all types of weather.


Unless you’re going on a short drive or traveling somewhere that’s sunny year-round, like Los Angeles, you’ll want to pack clothing for any type of weather and climate that could be expected. Along with your denim pants, skirts and dresses, you’ll want to pack a hoodie, comfy sweatpants, and perhaps rain boots and a rain jacket. Bring some type of garment or laundry bag to store the dirty clothes in so you’re not constantly digging through your duffle bag trying to decide what’s clean and what’s dirty.

Make a budget.


One of the best ways to have a successful road trip is to make a budget beforehand. From gas expenses to the cost of reservations at hotels, campgrounds, and RV parks, it’s important to know how much the trip is expected to cost you by the end so you aren’t surprised and returning with empty pockets (or unable to return at all).

Spending on a trip can add up quickly, especially during the first few days when you’re excited and want to buy everything you see. Try to be frugal in the beginning and give yourself a daily spending limit.

Have a good attitude and go with the flow.

If you want to have a successful road trip, you must remember to keep an open mind and go with the flow. Nothing in life can be planned and executed perfectly or without things falling through. Try to take the bumps in the road with stride and enjoy the things that happen unexpectedly. You might rob yourself of a good time, as well as the other travelers, if you get too caught up in the planning process and less involved in the actual experience of the road trip.