How to Find Success in the Wellness Industry

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How to Find Success in the Wellness Industry

The health and wellness industry is taking off. It’s not hard to see why people are turning to natural remedies and new trends in order to combat the expanded stressors that have entered into routine life. While this has been a trying year for many across all walks of life and within virtually all industrial spaces, the wellness industry is growing at a rapid pace.

Many people are looking to get in on the action here, but building a successful wellness brand isn’t as simple as a few Facebook posts—although social media penetration is crucial to driving long-term success. Creating a passion for your brand is a long-term project, but one that’s worth it for anyone thinking of building a new business.

Entrepreneurial spirit is the thing that will galvanize economic activity after such a long downturn resulting from the coronavirus pandemic; it’s only fitting that a nod to building better mental and physical wellbeing in the atmosphere of this intensely deadly public health crisis will kick off entrepreneurial recovery efforts in many communities across the United States.

Lean on your key clients for inspiration and insight.


No matter what type of brand you intend to grow, listening to the needs, interests and major complaints of your target audience is a key part of growing any type of enterprise. This is a great place to begin when working to craft a brand new business in the wellbeing, fitness, or dietary supplement space. VOC solutions are your best tool in this arena. VOC—or Voice of the Customer—is a detail-oriented survey solution that puts consumer habits and trends front and center. VOC processes can help you package your business in the best light and begin to approach your target audience with their needs in mind.

Making the centerpiece of your new brand line up perfectly with the needs and desires of those who want to purchase your products or services is the best way to ensure that your market penetration can immediately start to return great yields and allow for your brand’s expansion.

Maintain FDA standards.


As well as market research, it’s crucial to ensure that your products meet the stringent requirements for the United States Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approval as well. Whether you’re marketing a new dietary supplement, workout routine, or something else, consulting with FDA guidelines for your chosen field is a crucial step in creating trust between your company and the end-user who hopes to benefit from your services. FDA considerations are a key feature in successful brands, so make sure you take this step seriously.

Supplement manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to this step. In many spaces, circumventing FDA regulations can technically be done, yet without compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s warnings, guidance, and safety standards, supplement manufacturer outlets wouldn’t be able to market their products—whether tablets, capsules, or bottled water—as a high-quality source for expanded wellbeing and customer experience. Manufacturers who follow Drug Administration guidance are well poised for breakouts in the coming future, while others find themselves left behind.

Bolster back-end processes.


Many brands focus all their attention on the clients themselves. While this is an important component for driving success, the most successful companies across all industries also place great stock in the warehouse jobs that they require in order to make the entire business run smoothly. Warehouse staff organizes purchases and orders that are coming in and leaving on a daily basis. For larger brands, this could amount to thousands of moving parts every single day. Analytics that come from warehouse staff and back office team members are invaluable for your continued progress.

Regardless of the products, whether you offer vitamins and minerals, a delivered bottled water service, or operate a virtual fitness class, as you scale up your business, making a conscious effort to build a strong warehouse and back-office component will set you apart from the competition.

Rely on social marketing channels for greater growth potential.


Finally, the forward-facing, direct marketing strategy that you employ will offer the greatest potential for fast growth and long-term brand awareness that will continue to drive sales over the long term. Social media marketing is growing in potency in short order. Today, more than four billion active users sign on every month to read status updates, post photos, and communicate with friends and businesses from around the globe. This means that Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms offer a unique power when it comes to reaching out to your target audience.

Social media marketing is innovative in its approach as well. With the tools built into these platforms, conducting market research in order to find your sweet spot has become an integrated norm rather than an external commitment. Utilizing the metrics that social media advertising suites offer to businesses is where the smart money resides. Rather than having to conduct your own independent review of your target audience’s likes and follows, these platforms can accomplish this with ease on your behalf.

Similarly, social media platforms offer the distinct advantage of building a coveted library of earned media alongside the paid advertisements that you put out into the world yourself. As customers begin to see and use your brand’s services and products more and more, they will naturally post about their experiences with your company and its offerings. Earned media is a powerful force in the social media-forward world. This is free word-of-mouth marketing that exists in the public sphere and will remain there.

Unlike a conversation between friends about new supplements, dietary ingredients, water brands or weight classes they took, a post about your brand is something that any one of those four billion users can see. The larger your advertising and earned media library becomes, the easier it will be to reach out to clients. The future of marketing rests in large part on the “post-ability” of your products, services, and the brand itself.

Building a well-being brand and growing into success is achievable for anyone who is willing to put in the energy and vision required to craft a high-quality service for their client base. Take these steps to offer a top-notch experience that will pay dividends back to you for many years to come.