Finding Your Next Assignment: A Travel Nursing Guide

If you’re a nurse with a desire to explore both professionally and geographically, travel nursing might be the perfect path for you. In this article, we will help you navigate through the process of finding your next travel nursing assignment by discussing the major factors to consider, key resources, and invaluable tips to ensure a smooth transition and a fulfilling career. Keep reading to discover how you can make the most out of your travel nursing experience.

Choose the Right Healthcare Travel Agency


Selecting the right healthcare travel agency can significantly impact your travel nursing experience. The right agency should be able to support you in finding assignments that meet your preferences and ensure you receive competitive compensation packages. Look for agencies with positive reviews, strong industry connections, and a reputation for placing travel nurses in reputable facilities. Some staffing and recruitment services are designed for healthcare travelers, which is often your best bet since they will have listings that are relevant to your needs.

The relationship with your recruiter also plays a substantial role in ensuring a positive experience. Your recruiter should be responsive, and understanding, and act as your advocate throughout the assignment process. Communication is a priority, and a good recruiter will address all your concerns and answer your questions. If you’re unsure where to begin your search for a reputable travel agency, reach out to fellow travel nurses for recommendations. This will allow you to maximize your compensation.

Assess Your Priorities and Preferences

Before you start searching for your next travel nursing assignment, it’s crucial to identify your priorities and preferences. Travel nursing is undoubtedly an exciting career path, but you need to be sure that your chosen assignments align with your personal values, professional goals, and lifestyle. Some critical aspects to consider include the location, facility type, schedule preferences, and desired specialties.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, it will be much easier to narrow down job opportunities. Being upfront with your agency allows them to prioritize your preferences and find suitable assignments for you. Remember that your priorities may change during your career, so reassessing them regularly will allow you to maintain satisfaction and make informed decisions.

Researching potential locations can also be an enjoyable part of the travel nursing process. Take into account factors such as cost of living, local culture, recreational activities, and climate. Talk to other travel nurses who have worked in the areas you are interested in, and check out online forums and social media groups to gain insight into different destinations.

Build a Strong and Complete Professional Profile


A comprehensive and organized professional profile is essential when applying for travel nursing assignments. Your profile should include an updated resume with both your clinical skills and travel experience, as well as all necessary licensure, certifications, and required documents. In addition, it proves beneficial to have professional references readily available to vouch for your skills and experience.

Anticipate the specific requirements for your desired specialty and make sure to include any specialized training or certifications that demonstrate your expertise. A well-crafted cover letter that highlights your unique strengths and motivations for your preferred assignments can help you stand out from the competition. By having all these documents organized and up-to-date, you’ll be ready to apply for new assignments as quickly as possible.

As you can see, finding your next travel nursing assignment involves a combination of self-reflection, research, effective communication, and negotiation skills. There is no doubt that nursing is a stable and fascinating career that can be deeply rewarding too. Travel nursing can be even more lucrative and offer unique opportunities for career advancement. By taking all of this advice into account, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on a fulfilling and rewarding travel nursing journey.