CPQ Visualization Software Explained

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Capitalizing on sales is important for not only an emerging business but for making sure that the customer experience is one that brings consumers back to a company in droves. However, one of the greatest sales challenges for a business is to accurately communicate complex product information to a visually-oriented audience. What’s missing for the customer is actually being shown what the company is offering. That’s where a CPQ product is great at helping the user navigate the complex experience with easier interpretation from the offered visuals.

What is CPQ visualization?


The sales process between businesses or business-to-consumer has become more crucial than ever. That’s where CPQ visualization software can put a sales team, supply chain, and customers alike all on the same page. CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. This software gives sales reps the ability to create accurate price quotes for their offerings in any product configuration scenario. CPQ products also offer visual configurator integration that can communicate complex product information through images rather than listed-out statistics.

Product visualization tools boost trust, speed, and sales. It’s been proven statistically that people tend to learn from visuals better than through a list of documents. In fact, there have been studies that have found visualization increases persuasiveness in the sales process. CPQ tools adjust in accordance with the client you are trying to accommodate in a B2B eCommerce scenario, promoting greater functionality with capabilities that are designed to offer prospective customers different options.

Real-Time 2D and 3D Software


CPQ software is designed to leverage automated models and drawings to create a finished model for customers and sales reps to gain a better understanding of product management. This is done with real-time software applications that are able to handle all of the customizations of products while engineers are able to focus on more profitable matters along a supply chain. 2D CPQ visualization allows customers to interact without having to invest in heavy equipment. This allows for interactivity among all parties involved, utilizing lightweight, fast drawings to incorporate options per customized decisions.

Real-time 3D visualization tools provide incredibly lightweight, interactive CPQ visualization. Product models are assembled on the fly as customers choose different options to change a product or service to meet their individual needs. Real-time 3D supports photo-realistic models and animations using native browser functionality on any device with no need to download plug-ins that can slow down your servers, or inhibit analytics that is needed to better understand the sales process. This takes what may seem like a complex configuration and simplifies the development to be as easy as possible with the help of visualization tools.

Benefits of CPQ Software


One of the most common benefits of CPQ visualization tools is the “wow factor” that helps distributors and customers alike get a better grasp of their visuals. This has been proven to improve customer engagement, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction with the outcome of the omnichannel sales process. Manufacturers of highly customizable products can increase buyer confidence with high-quality visuals. By building 2D and 3D models into the sales cycle, they can relieve buyer hesitation. The last thing you want is any qualms about going through with a purchase.

CPQ tools save businesses and sales reps time during the quoting process by eliminating the need to engage drafting to better accommodate business buyers. Visuals also help to confirm the accuracy of what’s being purchased before the final sale goes through. This is especially crucial when adapting to fittings for already existing equipment. Product visualization tools are a tremendous asset to businesses of any size and in any industry to be able to accommodate customers for a greater personalized experience.